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Neopets is down for maintenance :(

Oh well...
Oops! Sorry, just a technical problem we should be back very soon.

What can you do at the moment?
The main Neopets site is temporarily down for maintenance. Your account information, pets, items, shops and everything else you have created in Neopia is safe.

In the meantime why not play one of the following. We cannot give out Neopoints while the site is down however :(

Sophie's Stew

Tyrannian Mini Golf


Faerie Cloud Racers

Evil Fuzzles


Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back

Meepit vs. Feepit

Chia Bomber 2

Kiko Match II

Ice Cream Machine

Meerca Chase II

Destruct-O-Match II


Kreludan Mining Corp.

Escape to Kreludor

Mootix Drop


Meepit Juice Break

Trouble at the National Neopian

Hasee Bounce

Turmac Roll

Faerie Bubbles

Web of Vernax

Mynci Beach Volleyball

Sutek's Tomb

Warf Rescue Team



Escape from Meridell Castle

Ultimate Bullseye

Extreme Herder

Volcano Run

Carnival of Terror

Usuki Frenzy